Attend Public Hearings

Council meetings and public hearings are an important avenue for the public. It is absolutely vital that constituents of Kanab and Kane County go to these meetings so that our representatives hear our point of view.

Please come and speak out against the opening of a frac sand mine on our precious unspoiled public lands.

Talking Point Suggestions

  • Selling the water is an important decision that will affect future generations of Kanab residents and should be carefully considered.
  • The decision should be made public before the public hearing
  • The water contract should be made public before the public hearing.
  • The project will require a huge amount of water, nearly equal to the city’s annual usage.
  • The City’s UGS water study did not consider the specific geology of the area.
  • The chemicals used in the processing could spill over and contaminate the city’s drinking water.
  • The trucks from the mine will almost certainly be headed south through the city.
  • With 180 round-trip hauls, this means a truck every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day.