(City Weekly) A Sporting Try- His Argument Has Holes, Chill the Drill

December 23, 2020; By Katharine Biele@kathybiele, Salt Lake City Weekly

“There are some 24 million golfers in America, 77 percent of whom are male with an average age of 54—not exactly your wilderness-hiking types. How many of these testosterone-packed sportsmen will be going to Kane County whose natural wonders far outpace any groomed, grassy and thirsty golf course? This is just one of the questions facing the Kane County Water Conservancy District, run by former lawmaker and rural booster Mike Noel. He wants the district to foot the bill for 18 holes of fun in this water-starved region of Utah, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. Noel claimed recreation was part of the district’s mission, which it is not, and that it will bring more tourism to Kane, which is doubtful. But more troubling is whether this is yet another argument for the Lake Powell Pipeline because Kane will need more water…..”

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