Community-Friendly Growth

Center Street, Kanab Utah

Keep Kanab Unspoiled promotes growth and development that focuses on quality of life, job creation, and protection of our natural resources.

How one Utah community fought the fracking industry – and won!

We successfully fought against a Frac sand mine that would have depleted our aquifer and polluted the air. 

  • We engaged with local businesses, cattle ranchers, and other stakeholders. 
  • We collaborated with other community groups.
  • We organized the community to attend and submit comments at City Council and County Commission meetings.
  • We conducted industry analysis showing the project was not economically viable. 
  • We collected over 13,000 signatures from people opposing the frac sand mine.
  • We did a media campaign to bring national attention to the issue.

Kanab continues to be threatened by ill-conceived industrial projects and poor city planning. Keep Kanab Unspoiled works to find solutions that benefit the whole community.

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