County P&Z Meeting Recap

The July 10 county Planning and Zoning meeting was a replay of the City Council meeting, but with more tact and control.  There were things that the Committee got right, like large meeting space with good A/C, asking numerous critical questions of Southern Red Sands (SRS), and challenging SRS with their conflicting information.  What they got wrong was the obvious: a unanimous vote and not a delay to discuss the conflicting information and create further contractual obligations of SRS.

This is all okay, though, because it adds information for action on the legal front.  First, if you missed our last email, the Keep Kanab Unspoiled citizen’s group has retained legal representation from two awesome lawyers. To make it clear, their presence at the meeting was not a threat or intimidation, and they had wanted to work with the City and County to go over their plans and assist them, as there are legal issues within them.  However, both were only permitted the 3 minutes to speak despite request from residents to cede their minutes to them.

Here are some issues with the Kane County P&Z Meeting:

  • Council overstepped their boundaries
  • Council failed to make disclosure of information
  • Council did not properly follow procedures
  • The project can be legally pursued as a private property nuisance issue, as noted by the lawyers

Then there was SRS changing their minds!

  • Went from 2 silos to 6 silos
  • Went from 1 well to 2 wells
  • They are not washing sand “with flocculants which are in water”…flocculants are a broad category and with frac sand mining, the breakdown of the chemical is a huge health issue

What is SUPER IMPORTANT at this time is to keep Kanab vigilant, supportive, and involved as this goes statewide and maybe national.  A legal battle like this needs strong community support. Stay posted, send us info you learn or ideas at, and share our FB posts from the Keep Kanab Unspoiled FB group.