Attend City Council Meetings

Council meetings and public hearings are an important avenue for the public. It is absolutely vital that constituents of Kanab and Kane County go to these meetings so that our representatives hear our point of view.

Please come and speak out against the opening of a frac sand mine on our precious unspoiled public lands.

Talking Point Suggestions

  • No study shows that there is enough water to supply SRS’s needs. A study by Dr. Ken Kolm shows there is likely to be a serious shortfall.
  • The city is taking the risk that future water could be more expensive, not SRS. The contract ties SRS’s water payments to the overall inflation rate, not the price of water to Kanab’s residents.
  • The city is incurring substantial legal fees for the SRS project.
  • The city will not get this money back if SRS pulls out, which out is likely given the collapse of the frack sand market in the last year.
  • The city can rescind the contract.