Kanab Irrigation Stockholder Meeting & Vote

December 30, 2019

Kirk Heaton
910 South 175 East,  Kanab, Utah 84741
(435) 689-0744

Re: Proxy Solicitation for the Kanab Irrigation Company’s 2020 Meeting

Dear fellow shareholder:

As a stockholder in the Kanab Irrigation Company, you should have received a letter from the company notifying you of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on Thursday, January 9, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. at the Kane County Water Conservancy District’s Building located at 725 East Kaneplex Drive, Kanab, Utah.

The Kanab Irrigation Company is at a crossroads in its history. Please note that agenda item number 5 provides for a presentation and discussion on a proposal by the Kane County Water Conservancy District to take its shares of water in the Kanab Irrigation Company and, under a proposed change application to be filed with the State Engineer, change the point of diversion and the place of use of this water to a proposed well(s) and a proposed sand mine, both near Red Knoll, which is about 12 miles northwest of Kanab. The change application also proposes to change the use of this water from irrigation to industrial. This water would no longer be diverted from the company’s irrigation dam on Kanab Creek nor used to water the gardens and lawns in Kanab nor the fields south of Kanab.

An election of the five-member board of directors of the Kanab Irrigation Company will also take place at this annual meeting. For these reasons, I urge you to attend the annual meeting so that you can be heard and can vote your choices for the board of directors.

I recognize that the world and Kanab is changing. Sometime in the future the Kanab Irrigation Company will be absorbed into another public entity and will no longer exists. I, however, would like to keep the company that you and I and our ancestors knew, in existence, for as long as we can. It is part of the heritage of Kanab and many of our forefathers worked long and hard to create this company, its waterworks and to keep them in existence.

If you cannot attend the annual meeting but you would like to have someone vote your shares to preserve the irrigation company and protect its and your water rights, I am soliciting your proxy. I will vote your shares in favor of these issues and for candidates for the board who will commit to these principles. I know of several who are running that are committed to keeping the Kanab Irrigation Company and protecting the rights of the shareholders.

If you will not be attending the meeting and are willing to give me your proxy, please complete the enclosed proxy, correcting your name, address and the number of shares you own, if needed, date, sign, and return it to me in the enclosed envelope so I can have it by January 9th.

Please contact me if you have any input for the meeting or questions.

In advance, I thank you for considering and granting my request, if you are so inclined.

Kirk Heaton