Kane County Pulls Out from Lake Powell Pipeline Project

Kane County Water Conservancy District (KCWCD) has decided to pull out of the Lake Powell Pipeline project. The decision was made after further review of the county’s projected population growth and available water supply, which indicated that the county did not currently have a foreseeable need for the water. According to Mike Noel, director of KCWCD, given the new population projections it was prudent to pull out.
A recent analysis by the Kem C. Gardner Institute projected slower population growth than anticipated, making the project financially infeasible for Kane County. The Lake Powell Pipeline is projected to cost up to $1.8 billion. Of which Kane County’s share would have been around $75 million, equal to $9,700 per person.
Kane County residents also save an additional $1.3 million on costs related to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) by not participating in the pipeline project.
Washington County is the only remaining participant in the Lake Powell Pipeline project, now that Kane County has joined Iron County in pulling out of the project. Though Kane County has pulled out, the pipeline will run along more than 40 miles in Kane County under the current plan. Keep Kanab Unspoiled encourages Kane County residents to comment on the draft EIS during the public comment period, when it is released.
Press Release by LPP Utah: https://lpputah.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Kane-CO-opt-out-041620.pdf