Public Lands

Grand Staircase

We support restoring the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument to its original size. The Grand Staircase is important to local residents for its natural, cultural and historical significance to our community. Tourists from all over the world visit the national monument. This benefits our local economy and creates jobs.

Trail Canyon Travel Management Plan

We are collaborating with members in our community to document damage to wilderness study areas and cultural resources. We spread the word and encouraged the public to submit comments to the Bureau of Land Management on its travel management plan for 182,000 acres of public land around Kanab.

We believe in balanced uses of travel routes on public lands. Currently all routes in the Trail Canyon management area are open to motorized vehicles. Not a single route in the 182,000-acre area is designated as limited to non-motorized users. It is critical that some travel routes are set aside for hikers, bicyclists, and horse-back riders.