Rally for the Red Knoll- June 15th, 7:30 PM

This Saturday, June 15th at 7:30pm, a “Rally for Red Knoll” will take place.  It will be hosted by the newly formed citizen group, Keep Kanab Unspoiled and the rally will include music, an orientation of the public lands under threat, a brief informational update, mindful healing council, suggested actions, and a procession by car along Old 89 to Diana’s Throne (near the proposed fracking site).  Meet up location is the Peekaboo Trailhead on Route 89 just north of Kanab (the lot on the east side of the road).

If you would like to learn more or ask questions, please visit our website or Facebook page or email us at info@KeepKanabUnspoiled.org.

This past Friday, the group held a successful educational presentation at the Kanab library, with a full house of local Kanab residents and Kane County citizens alike. This meeting did not convey a message of us-vs-them, but rather, encouraged dialogue and learning.  The CEO of Southern Red Sands, and a Kanab City Council Member Arlon Chamberlain were both in attendance.

After the pre-meeting musical ensemble, presenters Sky Chaney, Bart Battista, and Sharon St. Joan spoke about general risks of the SRS project to community health from silica dust, aesthetic appearance, environment, drinking water levels, trucks and traffic safety, effects on tourism, noise, light pollution, and concern over conflicting information from water reports obtained and questionable job numbers.

In all, the presence of the 80 attendees demonstrated the strong interest and concern about the SRS project and its impact on Kanab and surrounding areas.  The Keep Kanab Unspoiled citizen group reiterated the need for a series of public hearings on the SRS strip mine to address citizen concerns, and a hydrologist’s report that should include complete analysis of underground aquifer volume, replenishment rates and other important data.

Keep Kanab Unspoiled has written a petition directed to the Mayor and Kanab City Council requesting that the city obtain a more extensive water report that will present findings on the longevity of our drinking water aquifer.  The petition also asks the city to protect our water supply if there are any risks of running out of water in the future. For more information about the Keep Kanab Unspoiled citizen group or to ask a question or be added to the mailing list for updates and events, please visit the website www.KeepKanabUnspoiled.org or email info@KeepKanabUnspoiled.org.