Wisconsin offers us a glimpse into what opening the flood gates to sand mining may look like. Below is a list of informative items to provide valuable historical/factual context for residents who are wondering what kind of impact Kanab is likely to experience from the SRS sand mine.

The Price of Sand (2013) A 57-minute documentary which explores the controversy surrounding frac-sand mining and its negative impact on rural communities in Wisconsin. Video can be viewed on Amazon (free to Amazon Prime Members).

Promise in the Sand (2018) a 25-minute documentary sequel to “The Price of Sand” which takes viewers to rural Wisconsin and Iowa, where the frack sand boom went bust. Video can be viewed on Amazon (free to Amazon Prime Members).…/dp/B07DGLHWRR

When the Hills Are Gone tells the story of Wisconsin’s sand mining wars and how the fracking industry’s hunger for sand is impacting rural Wisconsin.  Providing on-the-ground accounts from both the mining industry and the concerned citizens who fought back, the author digs into the struggles over place, community, and local democracy that are occurring across the United States, “When the Hills Are Gone” gives vital insight into America’s environmental battles along the unexpected frontlines of energy development.…/dp/0816699