(Salt Lake Tribune) Utah’s State Engineer Rejects Plan to Divert Green River Water for Colorado Entrepreneur

November 19, 2020; by Brian Maffley, Salt Lake Tribune

“Utah State Engineer Teresa Wilhelmsen has rejected a controversial proposal to divert 55,000 acre-feet of the Green River’s flow from Utah to Colorado’s fast-growing Front Range cities…”

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Photo Credit: (Brian Maffly | Tribune photo) Colorado businessman Aaron Million, pictured Nov. 7, 2018 at the Utah Department of Natural Resources, is proposing to divert 55,000 acre-feet of water from the Green River in Utah to Colorado’s Front Range. The state of Utah, various federal agencies, water districts in both Utah and Colorado and environmental groups are asking the Utah State Engineer to reject Million’s water-right application, arguing his plan to pipe water out of the Colorado River basin is a speculative scheme that would deplete an already over-allocated river system to the detriment of both the environment and water users.