STOP The Lake Powell Pipeline

Though Kane County Water Conservancy District (KCWCD) pulled out of the project back in April, saving Kane County residents around $100 million, the Bureau of Reclamation’s plan still very much affects Kane County:

  • 50 miles of pipeline across Kane County
  • 1 hydroelectric generating station
  • 3 pump stations
  • 3 feeder power lines from the main Lake Powell transmission lines
  • 1 high point regulation tank
  • A “turnout” east of Johnson Canyon that could deliver water at some future time

BEFORE and AFTER photos
South of Highway 89, near the Toadstool Hoodoos

SOURCE: Lake Powell Pipeline Project Appendix C: Supplemental Resource Reports. Appendix C-19: Visual Resources, visibility analyses, page 1037 of the pdf file.

Hold off writing your comment letter until after the Bureau of Reclamation’s two virtual meeting on July 8th and 9th.

Keep Kanab Unspoiled is looking to organizing a virtual public comments workshop in July. 
We want to make sure that the Bureau of Reclamation considers everyone’s comments. During the scoping process earlier this year, the Bureau of Reclamation received a total of 1,125 comments. However, they dismissed 360 of the comments as “non-substantive.” Another 643 of comments were categorized as “form letters.” Only 122 comments were considered “substantive.”