Witnesses Say Andy Gant Claimed Mitt Romney Investor in Southern Red Sands

In a damaging article from KUER Mary Reynolds, former Kane County Resource Management Planner, and Byard Kershaw, Kanab City Council Member, claim that Andy Gant both the number 2 employee of Southern Red Sands and the Kane county commissioner, said that sitting senator Mitt Romney was an investor in Southern Red Sands after the tape recording was turned off in a public meeting.

According to the article Mitt Romney’s spokesperson denied an investment in Southern Red Sands.

Additionally the article shows conflicts of interest between the county and Southern Red Sands in addition to family relationships spanning the two entities.

Lastly the the article confirms that Kem C. Gardner of the Gardner Company is a major investor in the frac sand mining company

Questions and concerns continue to mount regarding the transparency and credibility of Southern Red Sands’ employees and investors.

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